We formed spontaneously at a Bundesliga game, which we actually only attended as spectators. That's when the idea came up to appear as a surprise team at the Ravens' Summerball, the tournament of a softball team from Berlin. So we came up with a name, signed up anonymously and trained in secret. After 6 training sessions, the tournament came and we surprisingly came third out of six teams. Just two weeks after the tournament almost everyone was able to move their limbs again and because of the high fun factor we decided to just keep going.

We as a team are now firmly integrated into Berlins softballcommunity and play in the MSL and every Saturday in the DSL. In addition, you can still find us at tournaments in several federal states, such as the Hamburg Marines indoor tournament, the Whitsun tournament in Holms, but also at the Slowpitch Championship in Cologne.

Everyone is cordially invited to come to the trial training session to get to know sport and people. We play and train in the heart of the city on the grounds of Tempelhof Airport and are a member of TiB e.V.

The team is made up of a balanced mix of men and women. We welcome everyone who accepts everyone as they are, regardless of gender, skin color or sexual orientation.